Casa dos Cedros (“cedar house”) is a unique spot in Lisbon, engaged solely in three different aspects of Lebanese food: its cuisine, its confectionery and its grocery products. ● Apart from Lebanese specialties served daily at lunch, the traditional sweets of the country are present through delicious baklavas, sesame and pistachio biscuits, pudding, sweet rice and other treats, along with Lebanese coffee. ● You can also find at Casa dos Cedros a great variety of the spices and ingredients that are at the basis of Lebanese cuisine, like tahini paste, orange blossom, halloumi or shanklish cheese, zaatar, sumac and many other hard to find items in Lisbon. ● Visit Casa dos Cedros for a unique experience of the traditional flavours of Lebanon and the Middle East.  
  Av. Duque de Loulé 1E, Lisboa, 1050-085 Lisboa ● +351.213530850 ●  
  Open Mondays–Fridays 10h30–19h30 ● Saturdays 10h00–18h00 ● Closed on Sundays  
  Design: PPMarques ● Photography: Rita Tojal Quintela